John Crestani Work from Home Oppurtunity

If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer

You A Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home

Job To Make Up To $379/Day From Home!

Important: Read my full report now as only a few people are accepted into this program at any given time… because of the personal support given to each new member to ensure everyone’s quick financial success.

URGENT UPDATE: This work-at-home opportunity has received a lot of national media attention recently. Positions in this program are filling up quickly; in order to secure a position it is advised you do so immediately.

Dear Friend,

If I could show you an easy, proven, and guaranteed way to make $379 a day and more, working part-time from the comfort of your home… Would you be interested?

YES?! Then this will be the most exciting message that you will ever read.

And here’s why:

My name is John Crestani, and let me tell you, I used to work hard… Really hard… And like millions of other Americans… I would spend 8-10 hours per day slaving away trying to afford our house, car, and food.

I got into debt from credit cards and taxes at a relatively young age, and found it hard to make ends meet to pay the bills for my wife and our daughter.

No matter how hard I worked my bank balance was always pathetically low at the end of each month, and I kept accumulating more and more debt.

john crestani

The Chilling Day That Changed My Life…

I remember the exact day: It was September 17th, and I got a letter from the IRS saying that I was late on over $100,000 worth of taxes I owed, and I was the sole income earner in my family. My wife and I were supposed to be going looking for houses the next weekend, but she had no idea how much debt we were in. I didn’t even know how much debt we were in, because I had chosen not to pay attention for so long

I went out to a local bar with my brother and had a beer, hoping it would make things better, but it didn’t.

I had a panic attack. My chest got tight, I felt like I could breath, I got nauseous, and an undefinable terror took over my thoughts. I walked over to the bathroom, and sat in my own stall for 20 minutes  until I regained my composure.

I remember lying awake for hours that night. I didn’t know what I was going to do to pick myself up, it felt like the end and if it wasn’t for the amazing love and support of my wife and my daughter, I don’t believe I would be in the position where I am today. I knew I had to do something and quick before we were homeless and living out on the streets. I needed another income immediately, something very quick. And I was thinking about it, I asked myself: Before I make a sudden move that will tie me into another job that I will hate, why don’t I consider what it is I want… and do not want… in a job?

So first, I began thinking about what I DON’T want in a job…

  •  I do not want a boss
  • I do not want to be on anyone else’s time
  • I do not want to have to wake up so early anymore, especially to that loud alarm clock
  • I do not want to commute anymore and sit for hours… frustrated… in traffic
  • I do not want to go to work in an office
  • I do not want to be a part of a business of any kind either, with troubles like a storefront, investment, inventory, employees, extensive record-keeping, or having to sell products to anybody.
  • And I do not want anything that requires special training, education, or skills, because I do not have any and I don’t have the time or finances to get any right now.

I began thinking about what I DO want in a job.

  • I want to work from home or wherever else I choose. I want a job that give me the free time I desire to spend with my family
  • I want an income that will give me more than I need to pay the bills for my entire family, and reward us with a few treats now and again
  • I want to take time off whenever I want and I want to have plenty of time for other people including myself and my hobbies
  • I want something that will be reasonably easy, and low-tech
  • I want a job that I will enjoy 100% of the time
  • I want to only work a few hours a day, whenever I choose
  • And I want, or need, to start making money immediately
  • And do you know what… to my surprise, two weeks after this terrible day…

I Found My Dream Work-From-Home Job!

And here is how it happened:

After thinking it over, I began expressing to people the type of job, I wanted. Most people did not take me very seriously. I myself did not know if something like this really did exist. But I did make the conscious decision to keep my eyes open for it. And just two weeks later, while I was out eating dinner at a local restaurant, I met a man named Kelly Felix who was working from home, part-time, and had been for a few years. He told me his work-from-home job give him all the things I had described, and urged me to try it out as an affiliate for a company he was a part of.

So I did… and… it turned to be the best decision of my life!

Within three months I quit my other job and ceased working freelance. I now had an easy work-at-home job, where I work 1-4 hours a day, making me DOUBLE (and soon much more) than I was earning before. I no longer had a boss, I worked as a little or as much as I wanted, I began paying off my debt, and I watched both my life and my family’s completely turn around. So lets get Started.

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