Cook Books

A cookbook is a kitchen reference publication containing a collection of recipes, typically organized by type of dish.

Modern versions may also include colorful illustrations and advice on purchasing quality ingredients or making substitutions. Cookbooks can also cover a wide variety of topics, including cooking, techniques for the home, recipes, and commentary from famous chefs, institutional kitchen manuals, and cultural commentary.

I want my recipes to be clever examples of a bigger story, a celebration of resource responsibility and spending with a purpose.  Saving money can be incredibly empowering, and it feels good to know we are spending wisely. I consider myself the luckiest cook in the world.  I have my very own test kitchen “staffed” by my daughter-chefs and the world’s most supportive husband.  We don’t overspend and we love food that nourishes our bodies and our souls.  I believe in the power of the family meal and making them happen as often as possible.  I hope that with this cookbook, you will find many fantastic recipes and mealtime strategies that help you get dinner on the table and guide you to living and eating better.

Books you will love

Check out the books that you would like to gift or keep one for yourself.  These are the books I would recommend.


Books you will love