Some people prefer to spend their free time outdoors. Other people prefer to spend their leisure time indoors. which do you prefer?

People have their own ways to enjoy their leisure time. Although some people think that indoor activities are good for them, I prefer to spend all my leisure time for outdoor activities. Because doing outdoor activities will help me to become more healthy, make me to be closer to nature and expand my relationships.

To begin with, spending free time outdoors allows me to play any kind of sport, which help me to become more healthy. When I have to do some things indoors, such as watching movies or play online games, I feel that they are so boring and lack of some actions so that they are easy to make me be overweight. Nevertheless, when I play outdoors, I can play football or badminton with my friends. These sports require me to run a lot of time, do a lot of actions; therefore, I can improve my health in order to work and study better.

In addition, outdoor activities make me be closer to nature. When I go outdoors to walk around a park each morning, I can enjoy the fresh air, look some beautiful flowers and heard some bird songs. They make me feel very comfortable and happy, and they also help me to know about the value of the clean environment. However, if I only spend my free time to stay at home, I will never have this significant feeling.

Finally, I can expand and enhance my relationships if I do a lot of outdoor activities. There is no doubt that people cannot have good relationships and friends if they always stay at home. However, spending time for outdoor activities may help us to make friend with a lot of new people, and it also improves the relationships between us and old friends. For example, when I studied at university, I and my classmates usually went to many parties on campus, and in there, I met a lot of new friends. We still keep in touch with others and often go hang out together.

In brief, we should use our leisure time effectively and carefully, because these times are very valuable to us. For all of the reasons that I have mentioned above, I strongly believe that outdoor activities are my best choice to enjoy my free time.

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